Peter at work

We are proud to be a respected, regular employee referral source for businesses throughout the Portland-Metro area. Since 1986, Abilities at Work has partnered with more than 75 local businesses, securing job placements for more than 200 individuals. It is our intent to connect businesses with the people best-suited to fulfill their specific job needs. We don’t believe in a one-size fits all approach. Each employer we work with is encouraged to voice concerns, frustrations and, of course, praise. Once an
individual is hired, Abilities at Work takes our queues from the employer as far as the level of ongoing commitment and support needed from our organization. We are committed to remaining involved to the exact level needed, without getting in the way!

Over the years we have heard from our employer partners numerous benefits that they have reaped as a result of employing a person with developmental disabilities. Ranging from highly-motivated workers to flexible work arrangements, minimum tardiness, positive attitudes and attention to detail, the advantages are often surprising and doubly rewarding. We know that with hiring someone comes with an expectation of commitment and work ethic and for that reason we are dedicated to job coaching, training and ongoing support for the individuals we serve. Because of this philosophy, our supported employment opportunities are built to succeed, or be refined until an ideal relationship is secured.

We are always interested in hearing from potential new employers about their needs. More job opportunities means getting more people with developmental disabilities in today’s workforce – our ultimate goal. Any company interested in exploring the opportunity for job placement is encouraged to contact us.

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