Abilities at Work

Job Development

Abilities at Work provides personalized job development based on the interests, skills, availability and location of the individuals in our program. We have a contractual relationship with Vocational Rehab through which we provide support for individuals interested in obtaining an employment plan. Through this process, Abilities at Work interviews the individual and/or their family to gather and evaluate job goals, skills, interests, strengths, work experience, transportation needs, medical issues and other key factors. Once a specific business indicates interest in hiring an individual, our Employment Specialist performs a job analysis to gather information on proposed tasks and the work environment. If the individual and the employer agree that there is a match then Job Development ends and Job Coaching begins.

Job Coaching

We want to set each of the individuals we work with up to succeed. For this reason we place a concerted effort on job coaching. We work closely with the individuals and their families to discuss policies and procedures, wages and benefits (if applicable), pay schedule, dress requirements, break/ lunch routines and purchases, transportation and work hours. Based on needs of the individual Abilities at Work Employment Specialists develop training outlines to monitor ongoing progress. Our Employment Specialists work with individuals from the day they enter our program until their objectives are met. We are quick to adapt training methods to help ensure individuals are successful in learning tasks, gaining independence and using appropriate social skills. Throughout the process, Employment Specialists remain ready to re-train for future work opportunities.

Long-Term Job Support

Our Employment Specialists maintain a close working relationship with the supervisors and coworkers at our individuals’ work sites. This is important to promote honest feedback on work issues as they occur, rather than let them become an obstacle to success. Employment Specialists monitor the work site on an individualized frequency and intervene at the work site when required. As need Abilities at Work staff can be onsite to support daily needs, assist at lunch and break times and handle certain physical tasks or minor job-related issues that may arise.

Classes and Training

For individuals still seeking work or undergoing training in order to prepare themselves for the workforce, Abilities at Work offers ongoing classes and education opportunities.

Basic Computer & Internet Class

This introductory class focuses on the fundamentals of using a computer.

Job Skills Project

Members participate in job search, career exploration and job readiness activities that focus on practical
applications in the world of work. Members are encouraged to suggest ideas for areas to explore and to
lead classes with the help of the moderator.