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to find meaningful employment for individuals with intellectual / developmental disabilities.

Abilities at Work - Update

Many of our clients continue to work, or have gone back to their jobs, and have adapted well to the new guidelines and safety measures at their places of work. However, many are still looking for employment in these challenging times. If you are looking for reliable employees for your organization, do not hesitate to email us at If you know someone who could use extra staff, please refer a business.

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For our community of clients, client families, host employers/community partners and staff, we have sponsorship and donation opportunities. 


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We have served more than 200 individuals and partnered with more than 75 local businesses. Let us match you with a great employee to help your business thrive!

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This position is responsible for providing job support to adults with disabilities. The Employment Specialist works closely with their supervisor and other staff to provide vocational and social support at several job locations. This support can include 1:1 staffing at times and requires an ability and willingness to assist consumers with personal needs. AAW has a limited number of staff to assist consumers. For this reason, each Employment Specialist needs to be able and willing to assist with any consumer at any work site. All positions will require work outdoors from time to time. In addition, the position works closely with employers to assure that all production expectations and commitments are met in a timely and cooperative manner. View Job Details >

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