Working in partnership with Portland-Metro employers since 1986.

Founded as Oregon Employment Services Corporation (OESCo) in 1986, Abilities at Work is a non-profit 501(c)3 that partners with businesses in Portland’s tri-county area to help adults with intellectual/developmental disabilities gain meaningful employment.

Our Mission

Abilities at Work is a non-profit organization partnering with businesses to find sustainable and fulfilling employment opportunities for individuals with intellectual/developmental disabilities through personalized assessments, job development, placements and ongoing support.

We work in close partnership with the individuals we serve, their families, businesses in Portland’s tri-county area and a variety of public and private funding agencies throughout the State of Oregon

Organization Overview

Abilities at Work is changing the face of today’s workforce. Working in partnership with Portland-Metro employers since 1986, we support competitive integrated job opportunities for people with intellectual/developmental disabilities. Our structured approach has the power to generate mutually beneficial, long-term relationships between local, progressive businesses and some of the area’s most special individuals.


Facts & Stats

  • The turnover rate of an employee with a disability is far lower.
  • We provide on-going support to Employers.
  • We provide customized training and coaching to help ensure job success.
  • Work Opportunity Tax Credit allows employers to earn a Tax Credit for 2 years.

Our calling and commitment remains the same.

While much has changed since the organization was first founded, our overall calling has not. We remain deeply committed to identifying, creating and supporting positive wage-based work opportunities between local companies and individuals with intellectual developmental disabilities who have traditionally been excluded from employment in community settings. Since the organization was founded, we have served more than 200 individuals and partnered with more than 75 local businesses.