More job opportunities means getting more people in today’s workforce.

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We are always eager to hear from potential new employers about their business needs. More job opportunities means getting more people with intellectual/developmental disabilities in today’s workforce.

Any company interested in exploring the opportunity for job placement is encouraged to Contact Us!

How to help employ with Abilities at Work

AAW appreciates its relationships with Metro area employers dedicated to diversity and inclusion in their workforce. AAW clients sport an array of skills from sorting, customer service, manual labor to computers. If you are interested in becoming an AAW Employer, please contact Anthony Green at anthonyg@abilitiesatwork.org for more information about on-boarding, training and placement.


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Facts & Stats

  • The turnover rate of an employee with a disability is far lower.
  • We provide on-going support to Employers.
  • We provide customized training and coaching to help ensure job success.
  • Work Opportunity Tax Credit allows employers to earn a Tax Credit for 2 years.

Success Stories

Success Stories