Let us help answer your questions and help debunk some myths versus facts.

For more than 34 years, Abilities at Work has been dedicated to promoting economic and professional success for job seekers with intellectual/developmental disabilities throughout the Portland Metro region.

Frequently Asked Questions

Myths vs. Facts

MYTH: People with intellectual/developmental disabilities have family who can take care of them.

FACT: Most people with intellectual/developmental disabilities live in group homes or adult foster care - services made available to them via social security and Medicaid.

MYTH: People with intellectual/developmental disabilities are middle class or financially stable.

FACT: 34.7% of people with intellectual  / developmental disabilities live below the poverty line (general population that count is 13%).

MYTH: Most employers are eager to hire someone with a disability.

FACT: Hiring people with disabilities is often outside the scope of traditional HR. Over 9% of people with cognitive disabilities seeking work in Oregon are unemployed.

MYTH: People with intellectual/developmental disabilities have limited skills and can perform only rote tasks.

FACT: Intellectual/developmental disabilities impacts various functions, but does not mean that people with cognitive disabilities lack high end thinking. For example, individuals may possess strong computer and technical acumen, but may have a condition that impacts anxiety, i.e., autism.

MYTH: People with intellectual/developmental disabilities are prone to tantrums and meltdowns that could disrupt the workplace.

FACT: Employees with intellectual/developmental disabilities are reported to be highly reliable, possess a positive attitude, and contribute to a higher workplace morale.

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