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Current Clients Seeking Work

Updated: May 2020

  • DT is looking for customer service working in a shelter or arcade in SE Portland willing to travel up to 1hr from Fairview.
  • JF is looking for Retail/Order Picking/Customer Service 15-20hrs a week. Willing to travel within 1hr of SE Portland
  • PV is looking for Retail, stocking, warehousing, shipping/receiving. Looking for 20 hrs. a week. Willing to travel within 1 hr. of SE Portland
  • JB is looking for a manufacturing, warehouse, or landscaping position. He has a high aptitude for mechanics. Has experience in 3D printing. Looking in the area of Beaverton, Tigard, Hillsboro. Willing to travel 45mins from home.
  • J is looking for full time in package handling, packing, stocking, or warehouse; no customer service component; within 1-hour public transit from Aloha, Beaverton, Hillsboro, Tigard
  • DG is looking for custodial work, animal care; 25 hrs./wk., between 8am & 7pm, Sundays off; Tigard or within 1-hour one-way public transportation
  • RE is looking for construction and building inspector/ADA Inspector/Universal Design/Job Carve. 20 hrs./wk., accessible by public transit

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