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Our team works together to make quality job matches that result in a win-win.

Abilities at Work has more than 20 employees and contractors on staff and has offices in two locations (Westside - Hillsboro and Kaiser Products & Distribution Center).

Gerald Pearce, Executive Director

Gerald joined Abilities at Work in 1990. His effective leadership style is fueled by a unique combination of business savvy, program dedication and human compassion. Gerald was named Executive Director in 2008. He holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Oregon State University.

"With one word I think Abilities at Work is 'opportunity'."

Gerald Pearce - Executive Director
Gerald Pearce, Executive Director


Gerald Pearce, Executive Director

Enola Smith, Administrative Director

Chad Smith, Program Supervisor

Mary Jo Kessinger, Program Manager

Mariah Waite-Callaway, Program Manager

Tosheona Coleman-Bulter, Product & Distribution Center Manager

Anthony (Tony) Green, Business Development Coordinator

Support Staff

April Hinden, ISP/Employment Specialist
Cheryl Otting, Employment Specialist
Douglas Harlow, Multimedia Consultant
Eli Smith, Administrative Support Consultant
George Paulson, Employment Specialist
Ian Stidham, Employment Specialist
Izabelle Kenoyer
Jane Vasquez, TBSE Employment Specialist
Jeannie Goetze, Employment Specialist/Admin Support
Jennifer Tennant, Employment Specialist
Jessie Tomlinson, Employment Specialist
Judith Kelsey, TBSE Team Lead
Mattie Davis, Employment Specialist
Oslin Martinez, TBSE Employment Specialist
Specialist/Administrative Support

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