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AAW staff honors their friend George Paulson

AAW honored our long-time friend and staff member, George Paulson. George was a very special person and passed away in early July.

He loved to run and participated in many runs around the Portland metro area. One of his favorites was the Sam Day Challenge. So, we did it! We all laughed, shared and wheezed! Your presence was felt all around, George.

A tribute written to George from an AAW friend and coworker

“George was such an inspiration. His bravery in fighting his battle, his tenacity in moving forward and his commitment to helping others are qualities I think we all wish we could live up to ourselves. I guess we never know how we will face our own mortality until we are there. I can only pray I can be as brave as George was. Knowing what he was facing when I went into the mountains last week I had plenty of time up there to reflect on what George may have been facing and what, as a man, he taught me. The solitude, grandeur and stillness of the mountains afford a person time for introspection, for counting one’s blessings and a search for understanding one’s own role in life. I would like to think that these reflections were George’s last gift to me. In profound simplicity we can truly say, ‘He was a good man.'”

Take care of yourselves my friends.
Tony Green

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